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Oligo blacklight 18-1



This hair mist, specially produced for bleached, highlighted, and colour treated hair, provides 18 essential benefits while protecting hair from damage and improving shine

  • The enriched formula with 11 amino acids and argon oil optimizes moisture retention and shine
  • Ingredients are 100% vegan

18 Essential Benefits:

  1. Lightly conditions hair
  2. Prevents fading colour
  3. Improves shine and luster
  4. Provides intense hydration
  5. Acts as a detangler
  6. Cuts down on blow-drying time
  7. Improves manageability of hair
  8. Protects against damage caused by free radicals
  9. Acts as a heat protectant
  10. Smooths split ends for a glossy finish
  11. Prevents hair breakage
  12. Improves hair strength and durability
  13. Revives the natural protective layer in hair
  14. Protects hair from environmental damage
  15. Reduces and controls porosity
  16. Manages frizz
  17. Reduces static
  18. Leaves hair feeling silky and refreshed

How to apply: Spray mist on damp, clean hair. Gently comb through hair and style as desired.


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